Owl Nft

A portion of all sales will be donated to owl rescue & rehabilitation centres

Website launch

Official launch of

Collection Minted on OpenSea.

Owely - A Collection of 10,000 digital collectibles, built on the Polygon Blockchain. Programmatically generated, each with unique characteristics and different traits.

Ongoing Donations to Owl Rescue

First donation to The Owl Foundation has been made (Dec, 2021). We will be making a donation in January and most likely February as well. Will post pictures and info to Discord & Social Media.

Owely Merch

Want to represent the Owely community? T-shirts, Hats, Mugs, Stickers, and other products requested by the community - In the process of sourcing vendors & best store solution.

Supporting other Polygon Projects (ongoing)

Just what it sounds like :). Using some of the funds received to help support fellow artists. Collector name on OpenSea is: Owely-KB

Website Redesign

Initial talks of re-designing site to be more fun & energetic. Let me know your thoughts in Discord!

10ETH Total Volume Traded

Once we hit 10ETH total traded volume, the top 10 holders (must be part of the Owely Discord Community) will be given free merch! Looking into verification bot for Discord.

100+ ETH Total Volume Traded

I don't know, but it's going to be something awesome!

Physical Trading cards?

Potential to move forward with physical trading cards. Samples out for printing. Do you think Physical cards will cheapen the NFTs or potential make them more valuable if holder has both the NFT & physical card? Re-sell as a set?

Future NFT project Priority

All holders of Owely will be given priority for collecting future NFT projects.

Owely + Owely

Ultimate goal of gamification/Owely breeding. How cool would this be!


Join in on the conversation and share your thoughts on Owely Discord server:

This roadmap may contain forward looking statements, and are not guarantees of future development or growth.